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Scrambling Courses, Snowdonia

Scrambling is an exciting, accessible activity for all ages and abilities, and is a natural progression from hill walking to mountaineering.  Using simplified and basic climbing skills, you can learn how to protect yourself on rocky steps and ridges, adding an air of exhilaration to your treks and walks. Scrambling skills also allow you to get off the main path and take the adventurous way to the summit, beating the crowds.

Scrambles are graded 1-3, where grade 1 is basically a steep walk (with lots of exposure) where you may have to use your hands on several sections, to grade 3 where ropework is essential and rock climbing skills come into use.

Scrambling Starter (1 to 5 days)
If you’ve walked done some hillwalking you may well have seen rockier routes to and from the summit. Or perhaps you’ve seen some inspiring photos of rocky ridges like Tryfan and Crib Coch, and would like to have a go yourself. If you are interested in learning how to move over steep ground safely and choose the right scrambles to get you going, then this is the ideal course for you. We will cover some basic skills and guide you over some of Snowdonia’s classic Alpine-style ridges.

Mountaineering Skills (5 days)
If you want to progress from hillwalking to mountaineering in a week, taking in steeper and more adventurous routes, then this course is for you. We will take you off the beaten path and through some exciting and stunning scenery, whilst you learn about route planning, ropework, navigation, equipment selection, mountain weather and emergency procedures. This course also includes 1 day on a grade 3 scramble.

Grade 3 Starter (1 to 3 days)
This course is for hill walkers who have completed many grade 1 scrambles and who would like to venture onto grade 3 terrain. As a taster of Grade 3’s exposure and techniques, clients tell us this is a memorable course that makes them feel as though their mountaineering career is really getting started. We will guide you up some of the famous scrambles that Snowdonia has to offer such as Parsons Nose, Cneifion Arete, Dolmen Ridge, Main Gully Arete and so on.

Advanced Scrambling (2 to 5 days)
Progressing on from our Grade 3 taster weekend, our advanced scrambling course will teach you firstly how to get out of tricky terrain, and also how to safeguard yourself using a rope on harder scrambles. Scrambling is often more dangerous than rock climbing due to the nature of the terrain, so ensure you know what you are doing before tackling some of the more serious routes the UK has to offer.

Course costs
Our costs are calculated on a daily rate dependent on how many people are participating on the course.
1 person £180
2 people £95 each
3-4 people £75 each
5 or more £50 each

Course fees include the instructor and any technical equipment needed for the duration of your course.

Ratios for Courses
We aim to get a low ratio between instructors and client to optimise the learning experience and to give a safer working ratio on courses. We will discuss your needs at point of enquiry to ensure we can meet your needs.

Scrambling Courses, Snowdonia

Scrambling Courses, Snowdonia

Scrambling Courses, Snowdonia

Scrambling Courses, Snowdonia

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